From 16 to 18 November 2006 INVIDEO continued in Monza at the Nine Hotel, hosting Art Hotel until which opened its doors to 5 Italian and international artists who were given free rein to reinterpret and arrange its spaces, transforming them into a video art exhibition.

Secret Door was conceived as a site-specific work for the ArtHotel initiative in Monza, triggered by exiting or entering an hotel room, the door was projected as a facsimile, next to a real door on the same wall. Entering or leaving the space triggers video fragments of an arguing couple seen through a virtual doorway.

Participating Artists in ArtHotel

Restaurant Center
Dinner Party by Terry Flaxton

Nine Hotel
Alter Ego2 by Flavia Alman & Sabine Reiff – Pigreca
E.mX Mario Canali
Secret Door by Martin Rieser
Structure One by Andrea Faciu
Poetic unconscious Machine: Giacomo Verde

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