This collaboration with Electronic Musician Edward Williams featured 12 giant panels of Rainforest scenes created in Adobe Photoshop and Freehand and initially printed out in 120 A4 sections per panel.

Interactive sound devices based on “Soundbeam” were ceiling-mounted, and as an audience passed among the panels they triggered stored recordings of Rainforest sounds. Because the device was based on ultra-sound detection, variations in visitor height changed the pitch and duration of emitted sounds.It was first shown in the Autumn of 1991 at Prema Arts Centre in Dursley and later that year in the Old Bull Arts Centre in London.

It was then sponsored by Photobition who processed 12 foot by 8 foot colour panels, which were shown at the Exploratory Hands-on Science Centre in Bristol in 1992. Apple Computer sponsored an early internet link to GreenNet which gave information on the habitat crisis in Brazil. A Hypercard stack was also produced to run in parallel with the internet information.